Property Management Services

Lease Management

We manage everything related to the administration and signing of new lease contracts or their renewals with individual tenants or corporate customers.

Tenant Management

Awazi Poperties has a multi-lingual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team which is responsible for receiving, managing, following up and resolving all types of tenant requests within an agreed turnaround time. At the same time, wasl has an inspection team to ensure that tenants are not violating the terms and conditions of their rents. This ensures that the properties are protected and are not been damaged or misused by the tenants.

Financial Management

We negotiate the contract and rent with the tenants as per the terms agreed before-hand with the owner. A dedicated team is responsible for rent collection who also works with our Legal Team to follow up and collect payment from defaulters. The Legal Team, if needed, will on behalf of the Owner liaise, escalate and resolve any issues or disputes to do with the government bodies such as the Rent Committee and Dubai Municipality.

Marketing & Promotions

We promote all properties under our management using integrated marketing communication tools including online, signboards, telesales and lease agents. As part of our offer, a team member will attend the property viewing to ensure that prospects are converted to tenants.

Freehold Services

In the freehold market, Awazi properties offers both brokerage and short and long term leasing services. With over 30 years of local expertise in the Dubai real estate market, Awazi properties is the market leader in providing the most efficient service to its customers.
Awazi properties utilises its extensive branch network and a variety of marketing techniques including different media channels and open houses, to generate as much exposure as possible to the properties ensuring that the transaction is closed in the shortest time possible.